Preschool Community Rocks Project

April 10, 2018

Project CARE continues with a Preschool Community Rocks Project!

As many of you know by now, our primary classroom has been deeply involved in a long term project to explore what CARE means: to themselves, their peers and family, and around the world. The children have discovered in their project learning that we are all different, and we individually show care and feel care a bit uniquely. This is especially true in other cultures, as our diverse world has a number of unique customs and practices that we aim to understand, respect, and celebrate from the context of our own environment at Wild Roots. The children have found the natural world outdoors, and caring for their planet, to be of heavy significance across cultures, and have found great value in caring for nature to express care. As such, our care project has evolved to include outdoor improvement of our playgrounds, where the children have poured their efforts into creating unique and wondrous new elements to their spaces.

As the weather has continued to shower us with Springtime sensations, the children have only been spending more time outdoors, which has enhanced the emphasis on their exploration of care for the natural world. The students show interest regularly in painting outside and the creation of murals, and as such, the atelier introduced the book “Maybe Something Beautiful” to build upon their knowledge and passion here. Rosemary room took action by painting signs outside, and when they were left outside to dry, the Oak children took notice, and began questioning what things they could contribute. Jordan C generously offered “Maybe we can paint pictures for the outside!”. Once we realized, however, that paper was not a durable medium for outdoor use, we decided rocks would last the spring rains much better.

To carry out their project, the children worked with smooth river rocks which would clearly portray the painted art work. The atelier also decided on acrylic paint for its viscous texture and permanency. They were given primary colors and practiced color mixing to create their unique pieces. The parents helped to adorn the children in smocks and wash up afterwards to protect their clothing and skin. The parents also helped paint and foster creativity!


We decided as a school that the best time to paint our rocks would be during our Spring Festival, so that parents could come and experience these special steps in the children’s hard work. The children worked with their parents and peers this day so beautifully. It was quite meaningful to witness our students leading their families and one another in getting a bit dirty and truly caring about something special. These acts of selflessness and care for a bigger picture. It was truly a labor of love. The children “planted” the rocks in our new outside Zen Garden, which was also thoughtfully created during the festival, and will continue to be enhanced as we approach the Summer. Thank you to all who were involved in this project at Wild Roots… we love you!

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Preschool Zen Garden

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