Cucina Affamato Meal Program

at Cucina Affamato
  • Cucina Affamato

    Welcome to Cucina Affamato! Our Meal Program was created to give the children healthy gourmet meals away from home.

    Wild Roots’ very own health-focused menu program  is available for children to enjoy.  Parents have the option of enrolling their children in the Cucina Affamato Meal Program to have the ease of knowing their children are being fed meals that are  healthy and served in an environment where the children learn the importance of making healthy choices.

    Our Kitchen staff incorporates their own organic and nutritional way of eating with a little creativity and gourmet flair to stir the childrens’ appetites.  What better way to learn about eating right and feeling empowered to do so, than to have their own “café” to dine in.  That is what Cucina Affamato is all about!

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