Lavender Room

6 wks - 2 yrs old
  • Class Overview

    We provide a safe, nurturing, and calm environment where infants can grow healthy in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Lavender Room

    The infant room of Wild Roots is a comfortable space for children to feel at home in a natural and secure setting. The serene environment will aid in the young child’s development and independence while providing nurture and contentment each day. Our infants will be provided peaceful rest opportunities, furniture and materials to encourage developmental milestones, and loving care and supervision to ensure healthy growth in these precious early days.

    Activities in the infant room include free floor time, discovery of the senses, motor development, music and movement, outdoor exploration, healthy meal and snack times, and relaxation and slumber.

    The Wild Roots’ infant is respected as a unique individual and given opportunities to develop in a natural and independent manner. We encourage our infants to be involved in every interaction, giving them opportunities to feel connected to each other and caregivers. Infants are encouraged to truly explore and develop in a non-rushed environment. 

    • Age Group:
      6 wks - 2 yrs old
    • Sessions:
      Half Day, 9am - 12pm
      School Day, 9am - 3pm
      Full Day, 9am - 6pm
      Before Care, 7:30am - 9am
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