2 - 6 yrs old
  • Class Overview

    “Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.” ~ MaryAnn F. Kohl
  • Atelier Room

    Our collaborative and process-based approach to learning is magnified in our art studio, where children are offered the opportunity to become immersed in the arts, hands-on! On any given day, the atelier offers opportunity for fine art, sculpting and clay work, sewing, design, architecture, woodwork, and hands on access to a variety of natural and recycled materials. Through creative exploration with sensorial and art media, our children learn to express themselves artistically and find value in community investment. The Atelier is a cherished place within our school, where over time children begin to develop partnerships with one another, working together to problem solve, discover answers to compelling questions, and practice initiative through long-term projects which are child-led and always evolving! 

    • Age Group:
      2 - 6 yrs old
    • Sessions:
      Half Day, 9am -12pm
      School Day, 9am – 3pm
      Full Day, 9am – 6pm
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